AGEPI was awarded the distinction “Best Company on Services Market”


In the context of achieving the objectives for 2014, as well as the challenges during the year, mass media represented for AGEPI a tool reflecting the national IP system dynamics and a reliable partner.

At the beginning of 2015, in the contest “Best Companies of the Year” conducted by the magazine “Business class”, AGEPI was awarded the title of “Best Company on Services Market”. For selecting the winners were taken into account readers’ votes and views of experts from business environment.

According to the magazine “Business class”, in 2014, AGEPI has distinguished itself by implementing new projects and achievements in the field of Intellectual Property development both nationally and internationally.

Among priority areas that were covered and appreciated in the framework of the contest was the realization of the Action Plan for the implementation of the Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union on the Protection of Geographical Indications of Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs; implemented new projects such as the system for “collective management of copyright and related rights” that will help optimize and increase the transparency of the system in RM and also implement the service for online filing of IPO applications.

Another fact which attracted the attention of experts was measures undertaken in order to strengthen the innovative potential of universities in RM using the IP system, including the implementation of the Tempus TecNet Project “Technology Transfer Network” with the participation of universities in the Republic of Moldova and the European Union. In 2014, AGEPI in collaboration with the Ministry of Education has launched the Chisinau Pupil Awareness Campaign on Piracy and Counterfeiting Phenomena – “Stop Piracy”, etc.

We thank readers for their confidence and experts from the business environment for their high appreciation.

AGEPI will continue to provide constant quality services in accordance with international standards, thus increasing user confidence.