AGEPI, Partner of the Local Stage of the European Engineering Competition EBEC


The 10th edition of the local stage of the European Engineering Competition EBEC - European BEST Engineering Competition took place on 5-6 April in Chisinau. The event was organized by the Students’ Organization “BEST Chisinau”, exclusively for students of the Technical University of Moldova (TUM).

The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participated as a partner of the contest. Attending the event, Liliana Vieru, head of the Communication and International Relations Direction of AGEPI, said that this competition is a good platform for young people to try their strengths in the field of engineering and also to exchange ideas. AGEPI will always support inventive and ambitious young people.

Forty students from TUM, grouped into 10 teams, have struggled to get the title of best project in the competition. The teams were divided into two sections: Case Study and Team Design.

In the Case Study heat, the five participating teams had to find, for 7 hours, without Internet access, more ideas and solutions to solve the problem of parking in the spaces surrounding apartment buildings. Following the judging, in the Case Study heat has won the team Inventors which has come up with a smart solution for optimizing the use of parking spaces in Chisinau based on the interconnection of parking lots in a network and using an application for identifying available parking spaces.

In the Team Design heat, the participants tested their inventor-engineer skills. The five selected teams had the task of building a prototype of a device, which would allow for the measurement of short and long distances (centimeters and meters), having at their disposal a limited set of materials, the same for all teams. The jury nominated the winning team Minus One.

The winning students were awarded diplomas and prizes from TUM and partners. AGEPI also offered special prizes and gifts to the winners.

The winning teams will represent the Republic of Moldova in the regional stage, which will take place this year in Bucharest, in May. Regional round winners will progress to the European stage, which will take place in Turin, Italy.