AGEPI officially launched a new online service


State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) conducted today, May 26, a press conference entitled “On-line Registration of Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property Objects”.The event was attended by Lilia Bolocan, Director General of AGEPI, Stela Mocanu, Executive Director of the Electronic Government Center and Vyacheslav Kunev, president of the Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies, Director of LTD “Slavans Graphics” Trade mark DEEPLACE.In today’s press conference, AGEPI officially launched the web service “Online Filing of Applications for Registration of Intellectual Property Objects”, which can be accessed at addresses and purpose of the launched platform is to provide quality services to citizens and business environment from Moldova and abroad, in the registration of trademarks, inventions, industrial designs, works, phonograms, and other intellectual property objects.Lilia Bolocan, Director General of AGEPI, said that the main advantage of this service is the opportunity to file an application online at any time and any day of the week.“The system launched today enables remote communication without the applicant being forced to move to the AGEPI. At the same time, the user will have a high level of security and confidentiality of information. In addition, on-line filing service enables the efficient administration of time and reduction of personal expenses. In the same vein, service users benefit from a modern system of payment, including by bank card, from advance, in cash or MPay service. Important is that the applicant is not withhold any additional fee in connection with the use of on-line filing system”, specified the Director General of AGEPI.In turn, Stela Mocanu, Executive Director of the Electronic Government Center congratulated the Agency for the step taken in this regard.“It’s very important to give citizens the opportunity to interact with the state, either by computer or from the mobile phone. Accordingly, it is very important that we use these tools and technologies to provide the citizens and businesses environment an interaction as simple as possible with the state and the reduction of administrative burden and the reduction of costs”, specified the Executive Director of the Electronic Government Center.Vyacheslav Kunev specified that the project is well organized, according to the standards in the field and is glad that for its implementation has been selected a local company. “I’m very proud of the project implemented in collaboration with the Government and AGEPI. This project offers all citizens convenience and safety”, concluded the President of the Association of Private ICT Companies of Moldova.In the press conference, specialists of the Information Technology Department of AGEPI conducted a practical exercise on on-line filing of an application for the registration of trademarks.Although at the initial stage, the system for on-line filing of applications for the registration of intellectual property objects is used by both national (Chisinau - 20, Hancesti - 3, Balti - 1, Ungheni - 1, Orhei - 1) and foreign applicants (France - 4).For more details about the new service