AGEPI – Partner of the Festival-Contest of Young Performers “You too can be a Star”


On 28 and 30 April, in Chisinau will be held the second edition of the Festival-Contest “You too can be a star”, organized by the Buiucani District Praetura. The event is aimed at discovering and promoting young performers, as well as highlighting the current cultural potential held by secondary and higher education institutions in Chisinau and Buiucani.

The Festival-Contest, whose partner is AGEPI, fits fully into the list of activities carried out on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day celebrated annually on 26 April. It should be noted that the theme of this celebration in 2015 is “Get up, Stand up. For music!” This partnership aims to promote the intellectual property system in the sphere of music, art and entertainment activities.

In the Festival-Contest “You too can be a Star” can take part only pupils from educational institutions, of different ages, from the Chisinau municipality.

Competitors will be judged by a Jury made up of composers, musicologists, performers, makers-producers of entertainment at Radio-TV, and professionals in the field of national and international culture.

The conditions of participation in the Festival-Contest and the prizes from which will benefit the participants and winners are stipulated in the Regulation of this event. The Regulation of the Festival-Contest you can find here.