Topographies. Fee calculator

30. Filing and examination of the application for the registration of a topography of integrated circuit
31. Registration of a topography of integrated circuit for a term of 10 years
72. Claiming conventional or exhibition priority in an application for registration/patenting of the object of industrial property, including in an international application
73. Claiming priority of an application filed with the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), correction or addition of a priority claim
74. Receipt, checkup, examination and transmission of the application in accordance with the procedures for international registration, except inventions
75. Examination of the request for introduction of an amendment
76. Rectification of an error
77. Change of data entered in the National Register of Attorneys in Intellectual Property
78 Extension of the term of procedure (for an action in proceedings before AGEPI)
79 Re-establishment in the omitted time-limit
80. Re-establishment/restoration of rights
81. Examination and registration of the assignment, pledge, license or franchise contract for an industrial property object
82. Examination of the application and entry of change in the contract registered for an industrial property object
83. Deletion of information on registration of the contract, except the contract referred to in par.57
84. Filing of:
85. Total/partial withdrawal of the application for registration/patenting of the intellectual property object, with the exception of applications referred to in par.52-56, withdrawal of the opposition, withdrawal of the appeal lodged against the decision of the examination, surrender of the title of protection of the intellectual property object
86. Issuance of the title of protection in case of transfer of rights, on request
87. Examination and registration of the Regulations on the Use of Collective/Certification Mark and publication of information thereon
88. Attestation of patent attorneys or evaluators of intellectual property
89. Re-attestation of evaluators of intellectual property
90. Training in the specialized courses “Protection of Intellectual Property” and “Evaluation of Intellectual Property”
91. Organization of mediation/arbitration
92. Issuance of an official document on industrial property objects, such as: duplicate, priority document, etc.
93. Issuance, on request, of:
94. Placement on the homepage of the AGEPI website of the information on the activity of the patent attorney, monthly
95. Selection and provision, on request, of analytical and synthetic information on intellectual property objects on